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2010 ITA Turkey Shoot
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The Irvine Tennis Association Turkey Shoot will be Sunday, November 14, at the Woodbridge High School courts. The start time is 8:30am. Join us for a mooring of random tandem mixed doubles. Afterwards there will be a catered lunch at the courts. The cost is $10.00 a person. Send an email to Nan Diesen Ng, nandiesenng@sbcglobal.net to reserve your spot.

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The 8th Annual Queen of Hearts Charity Tennis Tournament benefiting ovarian cancer research and education concluded on September 12th. We congratulate the following members for their success and support of this charity tournament:

  • Champion Women’s 5.0 Singles: Coleen Scanlon (Sundowners)
  • Finalist Women’s 4.0 Doubles: Athena Wong and Joyce Kim
  • Champion Women’s 3.5 Singles Consolation: Marilyn Banta
  • Champion Men’s 4.0 Singles Consolation: Ray Ng
  • Finalist Women’s 4.0 Singles Consolation: Athena Wong

Also participating were: Cindy Reyes (#1 seed Century Mixed), Joyce Lin (#1 seed 4.5 doubles), Dennis Rispoli, Barbara Schafer, Jason Richolt, Noriko Imai, David McDonnell, and Leon Bartlett. Court sponsorship by Sheryl Mattson – The Right Touch (massage therapy).

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2010 ITA Annual Party
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As usual, the 2010 edition of the Irvine Tennis Association Annual Party was a great excuse to play tennis, meet new players, nosh on delicious food, win raffle prizes, and have our general membership yearly meeting. Over 50 members joined in the festivities at the Woodbridge High School Tennis Center. There were plenty of high caliber players on the mens and womens side. Both champions, Mike Szesterniak and Ashley Adams, garnered a total of 31 points dropping only 5 games in six matches. So don’t feel bad if they beat you 6-0! Athena Wong placed 2nd in the ladies divisions with 26 points, followed closely by 3rd place Suzanne Frank and Anneke Chang with 25, and 4th place Hedy Schmutz and Lori Greenman with 23. Jenny Hua, Cindy Reyes and Joyce Kim also played well with 21 points each. The mens division saw the usual suspects such as 2nd place Scott Ryan (28), Ray Ng and Paul Webber(26) at 3rd, then John Sustersic (25), Michael Zhang and new member Leon Barrett (23). Johnny Wu (22) and Hans Schmutz (21) rounded out the top scorers. Tummy Teasers provided the Hawaiian themed lunch. The teriyaki beef and chicken were real crowd pleasers along with giant homemade brownies. ITA officers reported on their events during the brief business meeting. The ladder is being reborn under the direction of new ladder chairman Lee Phomsaveh. Check your email soon for information on signing up! Lee has some great ideas basing wins/loses on an intricate point system and plans to have the ladder update “live” on the website. Special events chairman Charlie Niles is checking out group tickets to a pro tournament and is planning a club exchange with Laguna Woods for our “at-least-over-45-crowd.” Karen Grams of Sundowners announced that our Moonlighter team, captained by Lori Greenman, earned a third place finish this season. Membership chair Marcella Wilson reminded everyone to renew their membership and presented Mark and Weimen Gross with an ITA t-shirt for being the first renewal of the 2010-2011 year. The business ended with a unanimous vote for the continuing board and it was time for the raffle. The prizes started out small but useful (a hat, mousepad, net-checker, cooler, movie tickets, Starbucks gift card) and progressed to bigger items (tennis doormat, wine, tennis backpacks and pro-size tennis bags). The most sought after gift was the case of 24 exotic beers. Gary Bird was especially popular after having the lucky ticket and sharing the beer equally with Fred Romero and Joe Bowerbank. Parents-to-be Mike and Kelly Szesterniak made their final tennis appearance as a child-free couple and wisely traded the small racket bag they won for a jumbo cooler that could double as a diaper bag! Cindy Reyes wheeled and dealed until she got the “players welcome” doormat from the Gross family. Trung and Sam Nguyen jetted off early to catch a plane to Hawaii taking lunch to go and still managed to win a raffle prize – now that’s lucky!

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2010 Irvine Open Results
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Local favorite Arron Yovan defeated Brent Davis of San Diego by a score of 6-4, 7-6 to win the men’s open singles title at our recently completed Irvine Open Tennis Tournament. Undaunted, Davis then teamed with Elias Scandalis to win the men’s open doubles, defeating the Riverside team of Julian Barham and Darren Yates 6-3, 7-6. A large crowd gathered at Heritage Park for the men’s open finals, mainly fans of Arron Yovan. The popular Yovan, our #1 seed, is a familiar face in Irvine tennis circles. He has been a nationally ranked tennis player since he was 10 years old. He led University High School to several OF championships and then played for the University of California at Irvine. Aaron is currently competing on the ATP tour. The ladies 5.5 finals featured four Chinese teenagers from the Hu Na Tennis Academy in Taipei, Taiwon. Chia-Hsien Yang was a double winner here, defeating Hoi-Ling Sun 6-2, 6-2 in singles and then teamed with Hua-Chun Sun to beat Zhi-Huan Chew and Hui-Lin Sun in doubles 7-5,6-2. The academy founder, professional tennis player Hu Na made newspaper headlines in 1988 when she defected from China to the U.S.A. Her asylum here caused a brief but tense political and diplomatic uproar.

I.T.A. was well represented in the tournament and our players won their usual fair share of matches:

  • ATHENA WONG won in ladies 4.0 singles
  • ANNEXE CHANG & LINDA LUK won in ladies 4.0 doubles
  • DAVID MATSUYAMA & TONY WONG reached the finals in men’s 4.5 doubles
  • SUZANNE FRANKS & TERRI HAMM reached the finals in ladies 4.0 doubles
  • MARK GROSS reached the semi finals in men’s 3.5 singles
  • RAY NG reached the semi finals in men’s 4.0 singles
  • RAY NG & JIM ADAMS reached the semi finals in men’s 4.0 doubles
  • CHRIS SCHRAOER reached the semi finals in men’s 3.5 singles
  • JOYCE LIN AND DARRELL LE reached the finals in mixed 4.5 doubles

I.T.A. was likewise well represented around our famous and popular refreshment stand. GARY BIRD led the field here in hot dog consumption, followed closely by HUGH HARVEY & CHARLEY NILES. DONNA SUSTERSIC worked hard to keep up with demand refilling bowls of bananas, trail mix and other treats. Several familiar old I.T.A. faces of note were on the scene. It was nice to see DALE COLLE, CHUCK CHANG, BILL (the magician) STEINER and former Irvine Open champ JEAN WRAITH. Welcome back,..all of you. Chairman JOHN SUSTERSIC was an iron man in overcoming all of the surprises that come with a tournament of this size and significance. Ever dependable Ray & NAN NG logged in countless time and energy as usual. We can’t thank these people enough. While we’re in a thanking mood, thanks to all of the I.T.A. members who participated and helped. Putting on THE BEST DAMNED TENNIS TOURNAMENT in Southern California is damned hard work, isn’t it?

-Joe B.

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Register now for the 2010 Irvine Open. The tournament will be held on February 6,7 & 13,14. Check Here for additional info and locations. Registration deadline is Sunday, January 31, 2010 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). USTA Tournament Info