Our 1st place ITA Advantage

(Moonlighter South Division Champions – 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0s)

It has been a great year of celebrations for the ITA Advantage Tennis Team; from welcoming a new baby into our world, to celebrating US citizenship, to achieving educational certifications, and securing a dream job.

Tennis excitement during the year included:  During a second set tie-breaker tied at 11/11 the lights went out; players accidentally took their opponents tennis rackets home; and a player forgot her eyeglasses and played partially blind.

Although we have had many celebrations, our prayers were answered when one of our players flew to Japan to assist their family in need after the Tsunami and found they were all safe.

Congratulations to all ITA contributing players for their passion, commitment, and most of all sportswomenship:

Jennifer Apollonio, Lorrie Cordova, Ashley Leveto, Kelly Szesterniak, Susan Ambrozich, Alene Banta, Treeva Beard, Teresa Caro, Helena Ferrari (Captain), Patty French, Leslie Baines (Co-Captain), Taylor Earnest, Elena Espiro, Keiko Igari, Jeannette Klem, Heather O’Darrow,  Jennifer Rodriguez and Corina Rush.

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