Our 1st place ITA Alley Shots

(Evening Star Division Champions – 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0s)

Our ITA Alley Shots had last won league twelve years ago, in 1999.  We have come close a few times in the interim, but it took a special combination of women to make it happen this season, winning 15 of 18 matches.

Sure we were a dominating force in many matches, but to achieve wins against our closest rivals was tough work. 2 victories came down to counting games and in another 3 victories we avoided counting games by one set.

But the season wasn’t just focus and determination. Being flexible and having fun were also big components of our success.  Some of the excitement this season included carpooling adventures, last minute substitutions, come-from-behind wins, and having our two summer-brides-to-be close win our final match.  Who says gals can’t be fierce competitors AND share bridal plans?

Congratulations to all the players this season:   Anneke Chang, Karen Grams (captain), Lori Greenman (co-captain), Christy Jocoy, Fiona Jones, Joyce Lin, Linda Luk, Terri Machado, Sheryl Mattson, Nan Diesen-Ng, Rosanne Oddo, Nicole Pannone, Cindy Reyes, Hedy Schmutz Colleen Scanlon, Sandra Show, Michelle Stiefel, Lucinda Vega, Rosalina Fruge, Lydia Chiu, Tia Wood and Sylvia Zywiciel.

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  1. Thanks for this … it was a terrific season and we had a great celebration. Thanks for all the pictures too!

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